Pain & Side Effects

Pain relief varies from patient to patient and may depend on the severity of your disease and the intensity of your pain.2 Speak with your doctor about your concerns and expectations about HYMOVIS®.

What are the possible side effects of HYMOVIS® therapy?

Some side effects (also called reactions) may occur with HYMOVIS® treatment.4 Symptoms such as knee pain, inflammation, reddening and swelling may appear at the injection site. The occurrence of knee pain after the injection in a clinical study of HYMOVIS® was almost the same as for patients receiving saline.4 Temporary increases in inflammation (redness and swelling) following injections have occurred in some patients with inflammatory joint conditions.4 If any of these symptoms appear after you received HYMOVIS®, you should call your doctor.See patient labeling4 for full listing of possible side effects4.

Important Safety Information